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Website Analytics often referred to as “web statistics”, can provide you with valuable information about your website and your website visitors. It is essential to install a professional analytics package on your website, we highly recommend a Google website analytics package, as the wealth of valuable information generated, makes website analytics a vital tool to in evaluating the effectiveness of the design, landing pages, search engine exposure of your website and much more.

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Web analytics can give you unique advantage over your competitors. It can afford you the opportunity to gain valuable insight into your customers behaviour, demographics and intentions. Collecting this valuable information about your customers, you can effectively help you make informed marketing decisions.

Google Website Analytics and Statistics Overview

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The Five W’s of Website Analytics

Knowledge of the 5 W’s of your website visitors is one of the most important factors to help you understand your customers and website traffic. These 5 W’s can help you run both a successful website or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign, and is also an important tool for effective search engine optimization:

1. Who they are: demographic information

2. Where they came from: referring website / search engine

3. What search term they used: keyword(s)

4. Where they went on your site: visited pages

5. What time did they spend on your site: bounce rate / visit duration.

Page View

Every time someone visits your website and lands on a page of your website it is recorded as a Page View. If you were to visit your favorite website and visited the homepage, about us page and contact us page that would equal 3 page views. Those Page View’s will be recorded by your website analytics software, including the pages you visited and how you arrived on each page through path analysis and referring page or search engine.

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We offer a Google website analytics package and service that uses technology to track your website visitors. You will gain knowledge about your customers and website traffic to help you manage your website and make informed marketing decisions.

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