Video Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Marketing videos on popular video sharing websites like YouTube and Vimeo is rapidly growing as a major online marketing tool. Consequently, video search engine optimization (SEO) can help facilitate an increase in the number of visitors to a video webpage or website from unpaid, “organic” or “natural” search engine listings. The rank of your webpage or website in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), depends on how effectively you optimized a page, your website, and your competitors for that keyword.

Video SEO

Video SEO is a powerful form of viral marketing. With video SEO, search engines automatically index your videos and display them as thumbnails in the search engine results, giving your website greater visibility. We use keyword research to provide search engines with the right keywords to improve your rankings within search engine results. This means that the information we provide about your videos will be accessible to search engines when your video is published. This give you more control over which search terms will lead people to your videos in search engine results.

Video SEO Google Results

Video SEO Planning and Strategy

We can assist you in both producing a video and creating a custom video SEO strategy based on your marketing plans and budget. Using our expertise and experience we will help you increase your visibility and drive customers to your website to build your brand.

There are two Video SEO Strategies:

Sharing your videos for online distribution – This entails uploading your videos to video sharing websites like Youtube or Vimeo. Once uploaded, you can get the embed code and put the video on your own website, but the video listing in the search engines will point to the video sharing website, not your website where it is embedded.

Making your videos available only on your website – This involves hosting the videos on your own website, or using a video hosting service. Then creating a video sitemap to help the search engines find your videos and drive prospects to your website. The main benefit here is that your video listing in the search engines takes prospects directly to your website, where you can convert them.

Moreover, creating brilliant video content and expecting people to find it has never been a pro-active SEO strategy. We can help you build channels to generate more visitors to your video content through integrated pay per click advertising, local search marketing and optimization, email marketing, social media marketing and optimization.

The Benefits of Video SEO

A high ranking in organic listings in search engine results pages (SERP’s) improves:

  • Traffic levels to your website or particular web page
  • Conversion levels
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand recollection

Furthermore, video SEO is a comparatively affordable upfront and ongoing investment compared to other online marketing mediums.

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