Trade Show, Conference and Exhibition Design

A trade show, conference or exhibition design is important for the brand identity of your company or business. At Digitaractive, we understand how to help you engage with your trade show audience. We understand how branding can be instrumental in developing a powerful trade show booth design, getting your message across to your audience and allowing your company or organisation to be easily recognized and remembered.

Trade Show, Conference and Exhibition Design

Trade Show, Conference and Exhibition Design Process

Our trade show, conference or exhibition booth design consultation, process involves initially gaining a full understanding of you the client and your industry, the message and aim of your trade show, conference or exhibition booth. This will help us understand your target audience and get a better understanding of your business or organisation and corporate objectives. We do this by discussing your requirements with you carefully before starting any work on your project and by consulting with you at key stages if required throughout the design process. We narrow down several design concepts to one final draft through a series of phases.

Phase 1: Client Survey

This phase involves discussion about what your company organisation is engaged in, possible themes, shapes, objects, fonts and colours including any emotional feeling or response that the booth should evoke on completion and receipt of a Project Brief.

Phase 2: Conceptualization

This phase takes into account what we learned about your company or organisation and your preferences in the first phase include gathering the needed images and content to develop up to three design concepts. We then proceed to ask you to choose one of the proposed concepts for us to refine further.

Phase 3: Review and Refine

We then take this refined concept and again seek your feedback on colours, fonts, backgrounds and other elements in order to narrow the choice down for refinement and final rendering.

Phase 4: Design

At this final phase, we seek feedback from you regarding your concept choice to make any final alterations to the design in order to create a unique booth that embodies your corporate identity or image. With all of the elements combined into a completed design and approved by you, we prepare the files for print production.

Phase 5: Completion

With your booth designed, printed and installed, we then sends your approved files to press for print production, oversee the process, install your booth to ensure the panels fit and that everything is done properly, and your booth is delivered ready for your next trade show, conference or exhibition. While working on your booth design, we will also work with you regarding the promotional items needed for your trade show, conference or exhibition printed marketing materials and more. We can graphic design brochures, business cards and other items that will help make your next trade show a success.

Please submit a free no obligation quote request form for our professional trade show, conference or exhibition design services. If you would like to discuss our professional trade show, conference or exhibition design services further, please complete our brief contact form.

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