Strategy, Branding and Corporate Identity

Brand Strategy

Before we start your project, our team will thoroughly capture your requirements. We then consolidate these requirements with the focus of generating the inspirational ideas that we then translate into your finished brand product.

Brand Strategy Diagram

This includes the following:

  • opportunity analysis
  • insight development
  • proposition development
  • visual positioning
  • brand positioning
  • emerging trends analysis
  • architecture
  • portfolio planning and
  • brand architecture.

Brand and Corporate Identity

This involves equipping you with all the tools, training and materials you need to actively internally and externally manage a brand profitably.

Brand Communication

This includes the following:

  • brand naming
  • brand identity design
  • brand books
  • employee and customer brand engagement
  • online and print literature
  • tone of voice guidance and
  • brand management tools.
  • Brand Communication
  • Brand Innovation

Brand innovation

Brand innovation is required when companies or organisations find themselves in stiff price competition and in categories where consumers have difficulty distinguishing the relative strengths and weaknesses of brands. Brand innovation helps to find a compelling new brand space for the brand, which in turn can fuel brand architecture or product and marketing programme innovation.

Brand Innovation Process

Innovation is about generating new business and brand ideas, then developing the best ideas and profitably taking them to market. We generate ideas that are innovative, original, desirable, highly creative and feasible. We work in collaboration with you to generate new innovative ideas. We then develop the best ideas from the feasibility stage to the practical implementation stage. Our entire innovation development process is completely clear and focused.

Brand Environment

A brand environment or brand touch point is one of the most immediate ways for a brand to connect with consumers. This includes the customers journey to and including the point of purchase itself that determines a stimulating brand experience. We consider all aspects of the customer journey and help you to determine how, when and where brand messages should be delivered for them to truly engage.

This include includes the following:

  • shopping experience mapping
  • in-store navigation
  • point of sale material
  • promotional material and
  • merchandise fixture design.

Brand Realisation

Realisation is essential to the success of all projects. We therefore ensure that our ideas are not only realised, but, are effective, on time and to budget and quality.

Strategy Brand Trade

This includes the following:

  • production consultancy
  • supply chain management
  • auditing
  • cost efficiency analysis
  • sustainability expertise
  • print management and
  • brand guardianship across
  • all design disciplines.

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