Software Development and Programming

At Digitaractive, we are agile at high-quality business-critical and robust software development and programming. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide you with the best in custom software development that will give you a competitive edge in the marketplace. We are able to deliver this competitive edge using the latest software development platforms and application development tools including the latest project management techniques and software engineering practices.

Software Development

Software Development and Programming Solutions

Mobile application development – we build new business critical and robust mobile applications and test on a various platforms including iPhone, Windows Mobile, Google Android and others. Learn more.

Mobile commerce application development – we build robust mobile commerce applications that help you reap the benefits of the ever increasing mobile device market penetration. Learn more.

Mobile website design and development – we can create robust user friendly mobile websites  on mobile platforms including iPhone, Windows Mobile, Google Android and others. Learn more.

Content management systems development – we build robust business critical content management applications that help you achieve your business objectives. Learn more.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enables better interaction between you and your customers. It is a widely implemented strategy that helps you serve your customers more effectively.

Software as a Service (SaaS) product development refers to prebuilt off-the-self software solutions to improve customer experience, enhance customer acceptance and increased value. It is a software development service that simplifies deployment and reduces development costs.

Workflow management software helps you manage your workflow effectively and ensures an effective sustainable and scalable business growth.

Supply chain management software refers to business processes that ensure a product or service reaching a customer. It allows for the automation and streamlining of your business and will help manage and control your supply chain effectively.

Staff management system software helps in assembling, organizing and managing the information your employees as required by you. Your employees require efficient management if they are to achieve the objectives of your organisation.

Software Development and Programming, Planning and Strategy

We help you formulate a strategy, identify and solve complex business problems and come up with the best solutions. By leveraging our experience and expertise, we aim to develop software that streamlines your existing business processes, that is easy to use and helps improve efficiency. We leverage technology with your specific business requirements by gaining a sound understanding of your industry, competition and your objectives.

Using structured methodologies and proven Information Technology (IT) processes, we are able to reduce complexity, risks and costs associated with our software development services. Our team will assist you throughout the software development process, including project management, systems analysis and design, development, implementation, training and software maintenance.

Development Methodology

Software Development and Programming Expertise

Along with our proven track record and expertise in developing innovative and effective solutions that satisfy your objectives, our developers are highly proficient in working on software development platforms such as:

  • Java Software Development
  • C++ Software Development
  • .Net Application Development
  • Custom LAMP / Open Source Software Design & Development
  • System Level Application Development
  • Bespoke Software Application for Mobile Devices.
  • Software Development & Programming Process
  • Thorough understanding of your business and development requirements
  • Feasibility study of the project through in-depth analysis
  • Application software development solution through an easily visualized format, example via prototyping or mock-up
  • Development of custom software products that include the latest features and satisfy all your project needs
  • On time delivery and deployment of your software product
  • Contract based, hassle-free software upgrading configured to meet your requirements.

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Some of our technology expertise:

Software Technologies

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