Link building to increase visitation to your website is one of the most important ways to achieve improved search engine optimization (SEO) and success for your website. By gaining quality URL links to your website, you can deliver a steady stream of traffic with a resulting positive and long lasting effect on your search engine rankings and the success of your business or organisation.

Our link building service will help create link friendly pages, customer enticing content, one-way inbound website links through industry related directories, local search engines or directories, paid directories and search engines including, article distribution, press release distribution, online video submission, online public relations and social media marketing etc. as illustrated below.

Link Building Chart

Link Friendly Pages

To create a link friendly page, firstly, we need to ensure that your intended page is search engine friendly, visitor friendly and well written in the stages illustrated below:

Link Friendly Pages

If your website provides a good resource, your page will more likely generate organic or natural search engine traffic as well as gain valuable links without having to make a request for a link, this is often referred to as “link love”.

People who love or “vote” for your website content are more likely to link back to your website from any of the following:

  • own website,
  • forums,
  • review websites,
  • blogs,
  • social bookmarking websites and more.

We use “white hat” or clean SEO practices including SEO copywriting and content creation to make your website a valuable resource that generates search engine traffic and inbound links.

The Link Exchange

There are two types of links, one-way inbound which are the first best and reciprocal links which are the second best. We focus on gaining on one way links from external websites without a reciprocal exchange. One way links are more desirable because they act as a direct vote from a outside source for your website. The more votes your website gets from quality websites (websites that are highly ranked in search engine) the better you website can perform in search engines and website rankings.

Local and Industry Related Resources

A good source of one-way inbound website traffic are local resources such as local search engines or directories or yellow page directories including industry specific related association websites. There are many of these types of websites online. We will identify which of these websites are appropriate for you, create your accounts, profiles, and include your information, logo and website link, plus respond to submission emails and verifications on your behalf continuously.

Paid Directories and Search Engines

Paid directories and search engines can help generate both visitors and increase your website ranking. Although not free like DMOZ, they do generate targeted consumers. Other human edited directories such as the Yahoo!, ODP or Joe Ant help your website page rank and or help develop trust. Tracking your return on investment (ROI) on paid directories is easily accomplished by a combination of good website analytics and educating you staff to manually track phone call sources. To determine which paid directories / search engines are most beneficial to you, we will observe your local market and make suggestions as to which paid directories or search engines more likely to be beneficial.

Content, Blogs and Social Media

Content creation, writing blogs and maintaining a social media profile are all perfect ways to increase traffic to your website and attract links to your website. We can offer several different SEO content creation services with our online public relations and social media marketing services to complement your link building campaign.

Please submit a free no obligation quote request form for SEO link building services or order our SEO Link Building now by clicking here. If you would like to discuss our SEO link building services further, please complete our brief contact form.

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