By using keywords properly within your website’s titles, description, links, navigation and copy, keywords help search engines identify what your website content is about. When a search engine assesses your website or individual page for relevance for a specific keyword or key phrase or search term, your site will begin to “rank” for that keyword or key phrase or search term. The rank of your site in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), depends on how effectively you optimized a page, your website, and your competitors for that keyword.

Simply adding any keyword to your website is not enough to make your website competitive or achieve top ranking. Keyword research is the only way to prevent the targeting of a keyword that receive little or no traffic. Keyword research will help you to target the best keywords, that will deliver qualified traffic, with the least amount of competition for your keyword / key phrase.

Keyword Selection

We study your website analytics, your competitors website’s to discover potential keywords. We learn about your company and conduct industry specific research to grow your potential keyword list. Each of your target keywords will be refined to compile a final keyword list to be utilized in the optimization of your website.

Keyword Selection

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