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With the advent of search engines such Google, Yahoo and Bing including online tools such as Twitter, Facebook or YouTube that make it easy to find information and share information, meet new people and keep in touch with others more rapidly than ever before and spread negative information about individuals or businesses, reputation management has become ever more challenging. Individuals and businesses no longer just have to contend with managing their reputation offline, but online too, making it harder to keep up with information posted and conversations going on in the virtual world. Whether the negative attacks are from a competitor, a news website, or a social media tool, the impact can be financially challenging at best and devastating at worst.

Reputation Manager Chart

Potential clients and business partners will want to learn as much as possible about you before doing business with your company or organization. The first impression they receive of you and / or your company may be what they see in search engine results or social media / review websites.

In the online world where anyone can self publish, any person or company can become the victim of an online attack from any disgruntled customer or competitor. Therefore an online search result, blog posts, comments, or press release can quickly hurt a person’s or company’s reputation when potential customers or business partners find harsh criticisms when conducting a search for your company’s or organisation’s name.

Harsh online criticisms or attacks can be very harmful to your reputation and resulting profitability, especially when they appear on the first page of search results or prominent social media websites or review websites.

How We Can Reclaim Your Reputation

Our experienced team can resolve your issues in most cases. We will help you suppress the negative postings and listings that are harming you by introducing more authoritative positive listings and postings which will organically rank higher and push down the negative ones.

We continuously check the progress of our work by analyzing search engine rankings for your key phrases and report the progress to you on a continual basis. Repairing an online reputation takes continuous effort; we combine several proven, cutting-edge techniques that will keep your online reputation clean for many years to come.

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