Online Public Relations

Online Public Relations (PR) is about getting your press release or story in front of journalists, publishers, editors, bloggers, writers, news anchors and producers. This differs from offline PR which is normally only aimed at journalists with the aim of getting press coverage across the full range of traditional media.

Online Public Relations

Online PR is generally targeted at search engines for the purpose of Social Media Optimization, unlike many offline press releases and articles which are written with clever, ironic, or witty messages which search engines typically do not understand.

The main goal of online public relations via press releases is search engine optimization of the press release in concern within various online media with the intent of increasing website traffic through click-throughs directly from relevant anchor links embedded in the press release which link back to the relevant landing pages of the website being promoted. Moreover, most press release content gets pulled automatically into search engines, blogs, press release websites, social bookmarking websites and other websites looking for free content and all of which helps increase link building or backlinking from these embedded backlinks and consequently improves search engine ranking for your website.

We are able to create well written press release, article and blog etc. SEO content that is keyword rich, relevant and optimized for search engines and which are therefore likely to be read by your targeted audience. We never use any spam keywords and bad optimization methods such as “keyword stuffing” that can result in search engine penalties or loss of your web page search engine rank. We do all of the copy writing for you which you simply sign-off when approved.

We are also able to use Social Media Optimization (SMO) to improve your search ranking and distribute your copy written content across multiple social media services by embedding links to social bookmarking websites such as stumbled upon, technorati, reddit, wordpress etc. Including SMO with your copy written content both on your website and on social media websites we can increase your readership.

Finally, with Social Media Marketing (SMM) we can give your company or brand the opportunity for your target audience to endorse and recommend your product or service through multiple online social media platforms such as blogs, review websites, article directories and pod casts. We do this by creating a well written press release or article that can initiate a buzz or excitement or that is remarkable, unique, and newsworthy. This content can then be marketed by popularizing it through blogs and / or by creating a viral video on YouTube and other video sharing websites.

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