Mobile Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

With the development and recent improvements of smart phones, mobile search engine usage is increasing in popularity. As a result, a Mobile Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy can facilitate an increase in the number of visitors to a mobile website from unpaid, “organic” or “natural” search engine listings by improving mobile search rankings. A better mobile search ranking can help to drive not just traffic, but, leads and increase sales.

Mobile Search Engine Optimization

There are differences to be considered when optimizing a mobile website for organic search. For example, a mobile customer will be more goal-oriented and time conscious. Implementing an effective targeting strategies ensures the right searchers find your mobile website.

Mobile Marketing

According to a study by Nielsen 40 million US mobile subscribers (15.6 percent) actively use mobile Internet, making the US a leader in mobile Internet adoption. In the UK there were a total of 7.4 million mobile internet subscribers (12 percent) of all mobile phone customers. In India, over a fifth of India’s 200 million-plus mobile subscribers access the Internet on their mobile phones. This increase in the mobile web usage is predicted to increase exponentially. More businesses and organisations have started integrating their website with mobile compatibility and / or building new mobile websites. The Mobile search market has started increasing with Google extending its dominance in the mobile search market.

Mobile SEO Campaign Planning, Strategy and Management

At Digitaractive, we can help you in formulating a unique mobile SEO strategy based on your marketing plans and budget. Using our mobile SEO expertise and experience we will help you increase your organic exposure, drive customers to your mobile website with the aim of converting them and building your brand using the following the four stages illustrated below:

Mobile SEO Strategy

Our mobile SEO marketing team can also help deliver incredible results and help measure progress towards achieving your marketing goals and providing transparency throughout the campaign. Our service includes the following:

Onsite Mobile Website Optimization:

  • Mobile website analysis and SEO audit report
  • Mobile website accessibility and usability recommendations
  • Domain naming research
  • Mobile keyword research
  • Content optimization
  • Code optimization and more.

Offsite Mobile Website Optimization:

  • Mobile search engines and directories submission
  • Mobile local search marketing and optimization
  • Mobile social media marketing and optimization
  • Link building for both general and mobile related website
  • Mobile website promotion such as press release submission, article submission, niche forum and blog posting.

Mobile SEO Strategy

The Benefits of Mobile SEO

Ranking highly in the organic listings in search engine results pages (SERP’s) improves:

  • Traffic levels to your mobile website or particular web page
  • Conversion levels
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand recollection

Moreover, SEO is a comparatively affordable upfront and ongoing investment compared to other online marketing media. Mobile website optimization correctly done will achieve a remarkable amount of visibility across varied relevant search terms ranging from brand and product specific to more generic phrases and keywords. Therefore, traffic originating from well optimized listings in a search engine and arriving at your website will offer the highest return on investment compared to any other online marketing media. If you are still unsure about the benefits of SEO, then, learn more about the benefits of SEO.

Integrated Mobile SEO Strategy

We are well aware that just creating a great mobile website and expecting people to find it is not a pro-active mobile SEO strategy. We can help you build channels to generate more visitors to your mobile website through an integrated mobile marketing approach which include the following:

Mobile SEO copy writing and content creation – our mobile SEO copy writing and content creation team can create text copy that will rank highly in organic mobile search engine results whilst clear and concise enough to be read on even the smallest handsets.

Mobile Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising – our mobile PPC advertising team can bring instant qualified traffic to your mobile website with excellent returns on your investment (ROI) and brand awareness of your product or services.

Mobile website design and development – our mobile website design and development team can build new mobile websites that combine strong design with programming and management to produce fast, reliable and customer friendly mobile websites.

Mobile application development – our mobile application development team can build new business critical and robust mobile applications and test on a variety platforms including iPhone, Windows Mobile, Google Android and others.

Mobile commerce application development – our mobile commerce application development team can build robust mobile commerce applications that help you reap the benefits of the ever increasing mobile device market penetration.

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