Mobile Commerce Application Development

Mobile commerce (mCommerce) refers to an ability to conduct wireless commerce transactions using mobile applications in mobile devices. mCommerce applications can vary from as simple as a address book management to a complicated credit card transactions.

Mobile Commerce

With the mCommerce industry maturing, increasingly, businesses see a high potential in mobile payments. According to a report from Arthur D. Little, mobile payments are expected to grow at 68 percent annually as compared to 5-6 percent for credit / debit card payments.

Mobile Payments Growth

Emerging markets especially Asia is likely to grow much faster than the developed markets with the emerging markets capturing 76 percent of the mobile payment transaction revenues. Gartner predicts that by 2012, the number of people using mobile payments would reach 190 million which would still be less than 5 percent of mobile base. Another estimate from Juniper puts the potential of mobile payments at $680 billion by 2014. This implies that the potential is huge which is attracting all the industry players.

mCommerce Application Development Solutions

We have an extensive expertise in mCommerce application development and testing on variety of platforms including iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile, Google Android, Blackberry and Symbian. We can provide you with the latest in cutting-edge bespoke mCommerce development that will ensure a competitive edge for you. We can do this using the latest software development platforms and application development tools including the latest project management techniques and mobile software engineering practices.

We help you reap the benefits of mobile device market penetration through the systematic use of Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and Short Message System (SMS). Our solutions are tailored to your specific business objectives and integrated into your IT infrastructure.

We provide customized solutions around the following services area:

  • Mobile shopping through SMS: Ordering, checking availability and prices, delivery information with acknowledgment and confirmation
  • Mobile Banking: Statements of account, sales and payment instructions premises
  • Mobile brokerage: Checking and monitoring prices using watch lists, securities inquiries and orders
  • Mobile travel information and booking: Internet solution with WAP enhancement.

mCommerce Offerings

mCommerce Application Development Planning and Strategy

We can assist you in formulating a custom mCommerce development strategy based on your business goals and budget. We do this by proposing a custom made solution after gaining an in-depth understanding of your requirements.

Mobile Application Services

With specialised expertise and experience in core mobile network technologies, our mCommerce app team will partner with you from inception to completion ensuring we understand and deliver exactly to your requirements, budget, timeline and quality standard.

The Benefits of mCommerce Application Development

  • Flexible mobile access by employees and customers on the move
  • your brand image engages in an innovative way
  • easy reach of your target customers in a flexible manner
  • you can keep better track of your customers and also generate more leads.

Integrated mCommerce Application Development Strategy

We also understand that an integrated approach to your marketing is essential to ensuring consistent and effective communication with your audience. We can help you to identify, target and increase your customer base using the following tools:

Mobile SEO – our mobile SEO marketing team can also help deliver incredible results and help measure progress towards achieving your marketing goals and providing transparency throughout the campaign.

Mobile Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising – our mobile PPC advertising team can bring instant qualified traffic to your mobile website with excellent returns on your investment (ROI) and brand awareness of your product or services.

Mobile SEO copywriting and content creation – our mobile SEO copywriting and content creation team can create text copy that will rank highly in organic mobile search engine results whilst clear and concise enough to be read on even the smallest handsets.

Mobile website design and development – our mobile website design and development team can build new mobile websites that combine strong design with programming and management to produce fast, reliable and customer friendly mobile websites.

Mobile application development – our mobile application development team can build new business critical and robust mobile applications and test on a various platforms including iPhone, Windows Mobile, Google Android and others.

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