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LinkedIn is the largest business networking website and one of the ideal ways to reach an audience of over 100 million engaged professionals. As a result, a LinkedIn advertising campaign will bring excellent returns on your investment (ROI) and brand awareness of your product or services. It is suitable for any business in any industry. A LinkedIn pay per click (PPC) or pay per impression (CPM) advertising campaign provides you with targeted traffic and allows you to only spend your advertising budget on click-through from people searching for your product or service.

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We can create, promote and manage your LinkedIn advertising account. All our LinkedIn account managers are LinkedIn advertising experts and professionals so you know we are qualified to help you achieve your marketing goals. Your business or organisation will gain the exposure you need to grow a loyal customer base and increase the overall traffic to your LinkedIn page and / or website.

LinkedIn Marketing and Advertising Overview

LinkedIn Advertising Benefits

  • The main advantages of LinkedIn include:
  • rich profile data
  • targeting allows maximum ROI out of your budget placement on interactive pages
  • trusted business platform and
  • reach decision makers such as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Finance Officer (CFO) and Managing Director’s (MD).

The additional benefits of LinkedIn is that its profile data is 10 times more accurate than typical registration data. LinkedIn allows you to choose your audience based on:

  • Industry
  • Seniority
  • Job Function
  • Company Size
  • Geography
  • Number of Connections
  • Gender

The other key advantage is the low cost. The advertising fees are small compared to search engines for most industries so it may be relatively inexpensive to discover whether or not it works for you.

Another important advantage is that LinkedIn offers guidelines on how to advertise and presents reports based on advertising performance, demographic and social metrics.

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LinkedIn Advertising Solutions

There are two solutions for advertising on LinkedIn:

1) Larger Budgets (USD 25,000.00+ or GBP 15,400.00+ or EUR 17,660.00+):

  • Reach the world largest group of business decision-makers
  • Rich display advertising connects direct with members
  • Our team can develop the right solution
  • LinkedIn offers a premium audience of business decision makers
  • Growing by 1 million members per month
  • 750,000+ senior executives from all Fortune 500 companies
  • 46 percent are business decision makers
  • Average age of professional 41
  • Average household income (USD 109,000.00 or GBP 67,144.00 or EUR 76,998.00)

For larger budgets you can connect with your audience in three ways:

1) Run-of-Professionals – deliver your message to all industries

2) inCrowds – connect with a specific segment of LinkedIn

3) Custom targets – reach your specific audience defined by rich LinkedIn profile data.

There are four placement types available on LinkedIn:

1) Wide Skyscraper – 160×600

2) Leaderboard – 728×90

3) Medium Rectangle – 300×250

4) Text Link – 60 characters

2) Smaller Budgets – LinkedIn DirectAds:

  • Custom targeting options to reach a precise audience
  • Pay with your credit card and buy advertising online

LinkedIn DirectAds offer:

  • Professional rapidly growing community of over 43 million
  • Average household incomes of over (USD 108,000.00 or GBP 66,528.00 or EUR 76,291.00)
  • Target by seniority, industry, job function, company size etc.
  • Simple setup in just a few minutes for as little as USD 50.00
  • Pay per clicks or Impressions
  • Trusted by business professionals
  • Local targeting of ads based on geography

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