Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing involves the use of multiple communication tools that provide a consistent brand message to the consumer. This helps to build brand awareness, meet the communications channel demand of the customer, manage the brand message consistency and makes the interaction more impactful.

Integrated Marketing

At Digitaractive, we have the expertise and experience to leverage new and existing technology to enable you to target your audience through a mixed media channel marketing approach which is often regarded as one of the most effective ways of marketing as shown below:

Multichannel Marketing

With our customized integrated marketing strategies, we can help you build brand awareness, attract prospects and customer loyalty.

Integrated Marketing Wheel

We can help co-ordinate your marketing campaign strategy in quality newspapers and magazines, posters, radio and online.

Integrated Marketing Chart

We can help you to identify, target and grow your customer base using online marketing tools such as pay per click advertising, local search marketing and optimization, email marketing, social media marketing and optimization, viral marketing and online public relations (PR) etc. In coordination with offline marketing tools such as direct mail marketing, offline advertising design in media platforms such as outdoor and retractable banner and display marketing, trade show, conference and exhibition marketing, trade, national and local newspapers, magazines, radio, posters etc. We recognize that an integrated approach to your marketing is essential to ensuring consistent and effective communication with your audience.

Our Integrated Marketing Services

Online Marketing:

Offline Marketing:

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