Google Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising

Through Google’s Adwords and Pay Per Click (PPC) system, advertisers specify which Google search terms they would like to trigger their adverts. These appear on the right hand side of the screen as ‘sponsored links’, and occasionally above the main search results. Businesses or organisations only pay when a user clicks on their advert.

Google Adwords Listings

The use of keywords and search terms to throw up targeted adverts can work exceptionally well for businesses and organisations – especially those offering a niche service – as it allows budgets to be spent advertising to internet users who are already enthusiastic about their product. By choosing to market a business through Google AdWords, hit-and-miss advertising associated with wider-reaching print or web campaigns is minimised.

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To generate income through Google AdWords, it is essential for businesses and organisations to know which keywords via research bring visitors to their website and be able to use this knowledge to produce a targeted, effective PPC campaign. We conduct thorough in-depth research into our AdWords clients’ markets and primary keywords, maximising the impact of their campaign and ensuring adverts reach a captive audience.

Google Adwords Advertising Overview

Google Adwords PPC Advertising Campaign Management Service

We can help you in formulating a custom Google Adwords PPC strategy based on your marketing plans and budget. Using our Adwords expertise and experience we will help you increase your exposure, drive customers to your website with the aim of achieving the desired conversion and build your brand. A successful Google Adwords and pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign will bring excellent returns on your investment (ROI) and brand awareness of your product or services. It is quite suitable for any business in any industry.

A Google Adwords and pay per click advertising campaign provides you with targeted traffic and allows you to only spend your advertising budget on clicks from people searching for your product or service. We can manage your Google Adwords. Our account managers are Google Adwords Professionals so you know we are qualified to help your Google Adwords account succeed. We keyword research your website to ensure that all keywords that reflect your business area are covered. We also ensure that only people searching for your product or service will click-through to your website.

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Benefits of Google Adwords PPC Advertising

  • It quickly Improves your website ranking and increases traffic.
  • Swiftly tests the online marketability of your websites product or website service.
  • It will determine the ability of your website to perform and convert visitors to sales / leads.
  • Rapidly identifies the keyword phrases providing the best conversion rate.
  • You have complete control of the search engine campaign, both position and spend.

Google Adwords PPC Advertising Package and Pricing

  • For just USD 150.00 you will receive the following:
  • 10 key phrases relevant to your business and area
  • Guaranteed exposure on the first page of Google everyday for one month
  • Your own dedicated account manager
  • High quality advertising copy
  • Free keyword changes
  • Statistical report
  • Full telephone support.

For a monthly on-going Google Adwords and PPC advertising campaign management, our charges are simple, 15 percent of your monthly spend with a minimum charge of USD 150.00. We have experience in all industries with pay per click advertising we can provide you with a complete professional service.

Please submit a free no obligation quote request form for our professional Google Adwords PPC Advertising Campaign Management services. If you would like to discuss our professional Google Adwords PPC Advertising Campaign Management services further, please complete our brief contact form.

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