Direct Mail Marketing and Printing

Direct mail marketing, also known as advertising mail is an effective way of delivering your marketing message directly to new and existing customers or subscribers. At Digitaractive, we have the experience and ability to provide an affordable full direct mailing service. We can design, print and distribute your promotional materials to your direct mail list via our one-stop service approach therefore saving you time and money in the process. Whether you wish to distribute letters, flyers or brochures through the post we can help you develop an effective mail marketing campaign strategy that will make your customers’ want to keep your promotional materials and not throw them away.

Direct Mail Savings

Formatting Requirements For Your Direct Mail List

In order to submit your direct mailing list to us, your mailing list must meet the following formatting requirements:

We will review your mailing list to ensure it meets the basic format requirements of our system. We will work with you if your list needs to be converted from a different format, for example, but please be aware that if your list does not meet our specifications, additional costs and processing delays may be incurred.

Preferred list format: PC based text, tab delimited files (.txt)

Acceptable list formats (PC or MAC): .txt, .ascII, .asc, .csv and .dbf (dbfIII)

The following types of files can be produced from common PC and Mac programs such as:

  • Excel
  • Microsoft Works or Word
  • QuickBooks Pro
  • Filemaker Pro
  • Label Maker Pro
  • Outlook
  • Acceptable Digital Formats
  • Tab-delimited
  • CSV (comma separated values or comma-delimited)
  • MS Excel (if your file contains multiple worksheets, each will be processed as a separate list)
  • Acceptable list extensions (PC or MAC): .txt, .tab, .csv, .asc, .dbf, .xls

To see the extension of your file, check the 3 letters at the end of the file name (for example, customerlist.txt). Please be aware that even if your list is in an acceptable file format, there may be other issues that render it unusable.

Please also note that use of your direct mail list is subject to our processing disclaimer: We are not responsible for verifying that your list data is accurate and properly formatted for mailing. While we will standardize address formats, we will not correct list format errors or incomplete addresses.

Direct Mail Postage Rates

Direct Mail Postage Rates

Direct mail postage rates are based on several factors, from the size of the promotional material or package you are mailing to the total number of units being mailed. To work out your complete direct mail cost, you’ll want to consider both the direct mail rates, which include activities needed to prepare your direct mail campaign for deployment, and the postage rates. Please contact us to find out more about postage rates.

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